Thursday, June 12, 2008

When I was a kid...

Ugh. I used that phrase the other day on my kids. It was super hot out and we have Central AC that just keeps the house at a pleasant 80 degrees. The kids were complaining of being hot and I came back with,

"When I was a kid, your Grampy had to put this big fan in the hallway outside the bathroom and blow it into the kitchen to keep us cool when we were eating. It was like a big box and sounded like a jet engine."

No response. Just funny stares.

But since Father's Day is quickly approaching, I started to think more about my Dad and the things he would do for us. I remember, without fail, he was in charge of getting everyone something to drink for dinner. And he'd march us into the bathroom before each feeding to be sure our hands were clean. I remember him sitting at the kitchen table reading the day's mail, and on occasion, I'd crawl up into his lap.

I remember piggy backs and rides on his shoulders and family vacations where he'd ride the roller coasters 100 times with me and my brother if we asked. I also remember him dozing off in the corner of the living room in the recliner and then insisting he was just "resting his eyes" and not sleeping.

I could go on and on with those simple, yet awesome memories. Watching and listening to him now with my kids is allowing me to relive some of those all over again. And now that I am married to the same sort of patient, funny and loving man, I know my kids will be doubly blessed to have two great men in their lives.

I had a conversation with some girlfriends recently and we were discussing how we sometimes feel we yell or shout too much at our kids. There was plenty of yelling and shouting when I was growing up, but what I remember most is the love - in the many forms it took. And if you outweigh the daily shouts with the hugs and kisses and praise, your kids will be just fine. Happy Father's Day to my Husband and my Dad.

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