Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Naked walls

We had a little flood in our basement earlier this year that required us to rip out the wet, stinky carpet and repaint the walls for the kids playroom down there.

Picking out a color for a basement with no natural light and florescent bulbs proved to be difficult. Much to my disappoint, the color I liked at the store ended up looking more like the color of a band-aid rather than the sandy beach color I had envisioned.

AND...I'll admit...I convinced the hubby to buy too much paint by overestimating how large our basement is, or rather is not! And in case you didn't know, you can't return paint. You buy it, you're stuck putting it on your walls. Now, I have extra gallons of band-aid flesh colored paint sitting in our basement.

Today I had an ingenious idea to donate it. Our neighboring community had a devastating fire that burned down 3 Habitat for Humanity houses. I thought for sure they could use my extra gallon of paint for a bathroom or hallway as they rebuild those homes.

Nope. Apparently paint isn't in short supply for them. They refused my donation. I guess I'm off to again to find a home for my extra paint.

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Fairly Odd Mother said...

Yikes! Flesh colored paint? But, hey, I think you can freecycle just about anything!