Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Guest blog: A stroll on the beach

My Mom sent this to me today so I thought I'd use her as my guest blogger tonight. I think she's got a future! You never know what fun item you'll find when you stroll the beach:

Every day as I walk the beach I look around hoping to find something interesting, praying in the back of my mind that I never find a body part!!!! Today is no exception and as I was ending my hour long walk on the beach I noticed a round orange object with what looked like writing on it. Thinking of course it was a ball someone had been throwing to their dog I started to continue on and then changed my mind and thought, okay not a body part, I can investigate this further. What it turned out to be was an orange which had been thrown into the Saco River as part of a research project that the 8th grade students at Biddeford Middle School had conducted in partnership with the University of New England's physics department.

My orange, which had been traveling the ocean for a month, hadn't really gotten too far, nor did it land at some exotic shoreline, but at least I was able to email them, as requested, and let them know where it was found. Who knows, I could be on TV (NOT). It was fun finding it and it sure beats finding the things I dread the most. The funny thing is that we remember seeing the coverage on the local news channel. I am attaching the website just in case you want to read it.


Thanks Mom. The moral: Stop and take a look around in your daily travels. Chances are it's probably not a human bone under your step ;)

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