Friday, November 21, 2008

How to stump Santa Claus

It's official - my Christmas season is underway. Sorry Turkey Day - but since I'm not hosting at my house, I can move right onto Christmas. We met with our jolly St. Nick last night to avoid lines, meltdowns and public drinking (on my part). Too cute (except for Santa's nicotine stained beard):

And our visit didn't come without a million questions for the big guy!

Alex: "How did you get here?"

Santa: "(Missed most of it as he was a low talker)...and then 2 of the older reindeer took me with 6 new ones to help them practice. The rest of the team is resting for the big day."

Abby: "Which two were they?"

Santa: "Cupid and Dancer."

Abby: "I like Dasher and Rudolph. But what was Rudolph's Dad's name again?"

Silence. More Silence. Come on, Mom, you know this one. Spit it out! Poor Santa doesn't have a clue. Chirp, chirp, chirp - crickets. DAMN!!

Santa: "Oh, Rudolph's Dad is busy helping Rudolph get ready to pull my sleigh." Decent recovery - just ignore the question. Very Palin-esque.

Me: "Yup, Let's smile big for the camera so the other kids have time with Santa." Wipe sweat from brow and notice there are no kids in line behind us.

As we meandered through the mall, the questions continued throughout the night:

Abby: "I want to go back because I forgot to ask Santa what the new reindeer's names are. I bet they are Bo, Sean, Mary and Belle."

Me: "Yes, I bet you are right."

Abby: "Oh, and I think he would like chocolate cookies this year. Do you think?"

The magic of Christmas - I love it.

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Whirlwind said...


My youngest is concerned with whether or not Santa knows how to sew the W on the Webkinz.

And my oldest, whenever anyone mentions "Jack Frost" insists he's not real. But still believes in Santa. I have to keep my eye on her@