Sunday, November 30, 2008

When crafty isn't so crafty

It's official. I'm a craft-disaster. What started out as a random idea in my head as a great way to use some toilet paper rolls that I had saved for a rainy day, ended up being for anyone. I even dragged hubby into the disaster.

After the first application of glue to keep the felt suits on, my son decided he didn't want to make Santa Claus anymore. Which means - basically - two adults made one of these. I won't tell you which one - but really - can you tell the difference? My daughter went along with it, but kept telling me what she'd rather be doing...which wasn't making my toilet paper roll Santas.

I'll stick to hugs and kisses cuz it's obvious glue and felt just don't do me justice in the Mom department:

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Fairly Odd Mother said...

LOL---I have often said I have ADD of Craft. Meaning, I have great ideas but about 3 minutes into it, I am no longer interested. I even send my kids to a little art/craft class around the holidays so I can get out of doing some of this stuff!