Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Wolf in sheep's clothing

I'm not sure if I'm using the right analogy or not, because I'm not really a wolf, but if *they* knew I was blogging right now, their mouths might drop and eyes shift in confusion.

See, I'm at a conference in Boston - an IT conference - and I'm not sure why except my boss wanted me to go - and it's filled with lots and lots and lots of Venture Capitalists - who don't blog - who probably don't really know what blogging is - and just want to find companies to invest in...Pick me! Pick me! Oh, right, I'm not a company.

Anyway, my most recent conference took me to Foxboro to Gillette Stadium, which was a REALLLY cool place to have a conference. And it was FILLED with people on Twitter and typepad and blogger. Boston is cool, but this venue, not so much. Unless you consider the temperature which is FREEZING in here. But what I quickly noticed is that this conference, compared to the last conference, if full of suits. Male suits to be exact. Old Male suits, really. And I am amazingly out of place. I am wearing a beaded necklace...gasp.

Also, I decided to step out for lunch instead of making small talk with suits. As I sat at the bar at a nice establishment in Fanueil Hall, I noticed something: All the patrons there were suits, too! White men in suits!! Cookie cutter versions of each other. How boring?

My saving grace is the glass of wine with friends after this is all done. Excuse me while I go blog on my company site about how fantastic this conference is...hence, the disguise. Living like a sheep is really hard!

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